David Whitmore

David Whitmore
David Whitmore grew up over seas. The child of missionaries, David has lived in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Philippines, and Guam.
His family moved back to Florida in the early 90s where he went to Bible college and met Rachel, his amazing wife, and worked as a PE teacher for two years. After those two years, David felt God was leading him to youth ministry, and he served in that capacity for eight years in two different churches.
God moved the Whitmores to Evansville with their two children, Madison (10) Ethan (8), in 2010. (Rachel is from Evansville and is a graduate of Reitz High School.) They moved to Evansville start a new church from scratch. When they moved to Evansville, the only people they knew were Rachel’s parents. Today Catalyst is growing and reaching people like you.
David likes basketball, drives a school bus for a living, and loves action movies, but most importantly he LOVES JESUS! 🙂