Marriage Tips

StrugglingHeader-300x145We all know someone who has a marriage that is rocky, or maybe it is yours. At Catalyst Church we are not a counseling center but we are concerned by the decline in healthy marriages. We know that marriage is heavy on the heart of God because it is a picture of Christ Jesus and His Church.

We want to resource you below with ways you can find ways to work on your marriage but you have to choose yourself to take steps to a healthy Marriage.

Watch Bible studies together or individually on marriage – Login onto the Catalyst Church “Right Now Media” and scroll down to the “Marriage” studies and take your pick. Don’t have access to the Right Now Media yet? Sign up for free ( and then start exploring

Workshops (Free) –

Struggling Marriage work shops (Free) –

Counselors –

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If your marriage is struggling the best counseling you can ever receive is the following…

“Work on your relationship with Jesus above all else and then by doing that your marriage will be strengthened because you will act and look like Jesus”